What is the importance of JINARC® RMP?

The JINARC® RMP aims to reduce the risk of severe and potentially fatal liver injury associated with the use of JINARC®.

This is done by:

  • Educating healthcare providers about:
    • The risks of using JINARC®.
    • The importance of baseline & periodic monitoring.
    • The need to counsel patients on the risks of using JINARC®.
  • Ensuring they follow the monitoring requirements.
  • Informing patients about the risks and monitoring requirements.
  • Additionally, all patients using JINARC® are enrolled in a JINARC® Patient Support Database to further support long-term safety of JINARC®.

How to become a certified prescriber of JINARC®?

  1. Review the educational materials on JINARC®
  2. Prescribing Information

    Prescribing Guide

  3. Pass the Jinarc® Risk Management Assessment. Once you fulfill the requirement, the JINARC® RMP will send the certification to your registered e-mail address.

How do I enroll a patient in the JINARC® RMP?

  1. Counsel the patient on the risks and monitoring requirements using the Patient Guide.
  2. Order and evaluate liver function test (LFT) before the first prescription.
  3. After reviewing patient’s LFT, inform the patient to contact JINARC® Patient Support Team.

Telefax: 02-7576-0257

GLOBE: 0917-300-6456 (w/ Viber)

SMART: 0999-886-9801 (w/ Viber)

Once a patient is on JINARC®, how often should I monitor them?

  1. Order and review liver laboratory tests (liver transaminases and total bilirubin) at specific time points after treatment initiation, as follows:
  2. Assess the patient's liver function and determine the appropriateness of continuing treatment.

How should I report liver adverse events?

  • To report adverse events, adverse drug reactions or patient safety concerns, healthcare providers must notify the OPPI-Pharmacovigilance and collect the following information:

Description of event

Patient information

Otsuka product involved e.g. Tolvaptan (JINARC®)

Primary reporter contact information


Safety Information Reporting Guide